The sites of ancient Thebes belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Egypt and are located on both sides of the Nile. Temples, palaces, tombs of kings, queens and privates are an impressive testimony to the old civilisation at its peak. Countless little boats crossing the river connect the city on the East Bank with the more rural West Bank. In Luxor, you´ll find many Nile cruises starting or ending... There are some with barrier-free, accessible cabins. The vibrancy of daily life on the streets is impressive – carriages, street hawkers and taxis make an adventure out of every walk. People are very warm-hearted and will make your stay unforgettable. To visit the sites in a wheelchair isn´t always comfortable, but it is possible. In the city there are hotels with accessibility; on the West Bank I have found a nice, suitable guest house.

Come and dive into Luxor’s timeless beauty. It´s worth it.