Travel assistance… like living together for a certain time. But you determine the course.

The set-up of the holiday depends on your wishes, and your support needs .

Do you like a holiday aroundt the pool and need only limited support?

Do you want to spend time at the sea in an adapted caravan?

Are you planning a Nile cruise?

Do you want to discover nature and animals on gravel paths in an nature reserve?

Have you ever wished to snorkel or swim with dolphins?

I escort you on vacation and I also go with you on journey of adventure. Of course I can also accompany you as a couple.

Today, the possibilities of holidays are nearly limitless. Together, we carefully consider the possibilities.

Via Skype or Zoom you can get to know me, and I can get an idea of your physical limitations.

We thoroughly plan and decide about possibly necessary technical aids.

Ifrequired, I can also help you with looking for suitable flights/accommodations.

You then book those yourself.


My favourite country for travelling is Egypt.. I´m most familiar in LUXOR, especially in relation to the accessibility of sites and city.